Have you ever encountered such an annoyance as a boyfriend? In fact, you only need to create some sense of ritual for her, and everything will be different. The more people who know how to taste life, the more they can’t live without the sense of ritual. In daily life, we need a sense of ritual, and important festivals are even more indispensable.

In the world of luxury things, there is a brand that it is automatically drawn into the list of gifts by many people for each year. It not only creates a sense of ritual for the wearer, but also has a good heart for itself to start Christmas. There are more frequent works from the Cartier. We are better off while enjoying and learning, so that your next date is more ceremonial.

A satisfying holiday gift must carry a double surprise. This kind of surprise is not only the moment when the recipient opens the box, but also the feeling of affirmative and moving from the gift that receives from the donor. I think, no one can reject a red box full of love?

The sense of ritual is the red fluttering ribbon, a golden ball on the Christmas tree, the happiness hidden in the delicious candy, and the expectation placed in the romantic snow. There may be many ways for us to spend a ceremonial festival, but a well-prepared gift is the most satisfying. Perhaps the expression of love is more than let us enjoy the ceremonial feeling of the festival ritual.

When it comes to the sense of rituals in the festival, Cartier has always paid attention to this point. Many brands will hold a lighting ceremony on the occasion of the festival. Cartier is no exception.

It is worth mentioning that the 2018 lighting ceremony not only shows us the brand’s iconic Christmas decoration elements, but also presents a multi-faceted interactive experience.

Elegant cheetahs, golden arches, mini Christmas tree gift cabinets, exquisite window decorations and a dreamy AR interactive photo shoot experience, all of which left a good memory for the people present.

From Paris to New York, Cartier has a tradition of holding Christmas lights.
In 2017, Cartier’s Christmas lighting ceremony invited the French visual artist Pierrick Sorin to create a “holographic mini theater”, which presented a winter mini-drama.

2016 Cartier Christmas Countdown Calendar

In 2016, Cartier placed an electronic “Christmas Countdown Calendar”, which not only sent holiday surprises to consumers without interruption, but also forwarded Christmas greetings to relatives and friends.

After reading so much, have you learned the sense of ritual? Don’t be embarrassed, Cartier’s gift list is always waiting for you.

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