The trend is changing rapidly. What do people use to express temperament? The freedom gained in the race of speed and time makes life full of meaning. The watch records the passing of time. In the alternating transformation of minute hand and hour hand, light and shadow are formed, and the fashion and personality belonging to the self are revealed.

In the world of fashion couture, stripes have always been an indispensable element. Regardless of its visual effect, we can see that the essence of striped clothing lies in the symmetry and regularity of the pattern, the harmony of two or more colors, the incision of cutting and splicing.

Stripes have intricate expressions: straight, horizontal and diagonal, which seem to have a single rule and are indeed changeable. The stripes are clean and neat in simple colors, elegance, leisure and pure beauty, which are fully reflecting the younger and more lively neoconservative aesthetics and colliding between popular and conservative beauty.

The degree of stripe popularity is due to the fact that stripe and the color arrangement make it seem simple, but in fact it is multi-faceted.

The stripes are unavoidably combined with florals, plaids, dots, etc., or two strips of long and short sleeves are worn, presenting a unique stripe aesthetic of chaos.

This unique stripe beauty is subtly applied to the dial of watch–the Geneva ripple, so it can quickly capture people’s eyes. The ripples of Geneva ripples are like the waves of the lake, reflecting a dazzling sense of technology.

Inspired by the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Multifort has always been sought after by consumers. This replica watch has a cool design style, such as the Dark Knight, releasing a moving cool personality and making people shine.

In addition to the dial, its scale is also very distinctive. Dots markers and small stick markers make two different forces blend together. At the same time, A good balance between the them reflects the harmonious beauty of the watch. This design simplifies the dial to a large extent, resulting in a simple and comfortable feel in style and time reading.

Continuing the cool style of case, it is matched with a black strap. The distinctive contrast color is just like the unique design style given by the watch, which is fashionable and impactful.

MIDO Multifort Geneva Ripple Quartz Chronograph Replica Black Watch M038.431.37.051.00

Sum up:
There are many black watches, some of them are cool, some are very low-key and some are futuristic. This MIDO Multifort Geneva Ripple quartz chronograph watch is not only different in appearance. At the same time, the movement is also very scientific and technological, so it is indeed a very special watch. From the value to the inside, it is the impressive item.