I have seen a topic on the Internet before: Never ask your boyfriend or husband about the color of your lipstick. In their eyes, there is no other color except red. Haha, it is so correct.

I remembered that my boyfriend pointed at a bunch of the lipsticks on my make-up table and said to me, “You bought so many red lipsticks, and how long can you use them up”? I looked at his confused eyes and suppressed the anger that rose in my heart. “None of your business. The shelf life of lipstick is several years, and these are the different colors.” Then I pushed him out of the room.

Ok, it seems that boys are really misunderstood about color. It seems that it is necessary to give them a basic knowledge. Well, take the example of a watch that boys are more interested in.

Nowadays, K gold has a lot of colors. As long as different types of metals are added, gold forms K gold in different colors. For example, the most common red series now is the addition of copper, the white series adds silver and nickel or palladium, while the green series adds sterling silver.

The red series of K gold material is mainly made of gold and copper. The 75% gold with the 25% electrolytic pure copper is the red gold. The 18K gold formed in this ratio is the reddish color than any other rations.

When you add silver, the color will become lighter. The more silver you add, the lighter the red color will be. For 18K gold, the silver content increases to 10%, and the copper retreats to about 15%, the color will be more powdery, and it will become rose gold. So, in fact, red gold should look redder than rose gold.

Relatively speaking, I still prefer platinum and rose gold. The former material is brighter and the latter is gentler.

The rose gold not only makes the color of the stones more intense, but also reflects the exquisite and delicate metal materials. Warm colors such as pink and rose bring warmth and happiness to people. A variety of different styles of rose gold jewelry, decorated with everyday life. Whether it is a professional wear, or an evening dress and a suspender dress, women can be paired with rose gold jewelry.

The rose gold not only symbolizes love, but also contains warm and timeless love. It is the best gift for the other half to create with pure heart.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Tourbillon imitated watch RDDBEX0280

The rose gold case is matched with a jagged bezel of the same material, which is very elegant. And the black rubber strap also reflects the sporty and casual style of the watch.