The Swiss wristwatch brand Breitling, founded in 1884, focused on the development of Navitimer long time ago. Although it has not been hyped, still attracted a lot of watch fans. Its uninhibited appearance and unparalleled performance are a true reflection of it.

It’s a big man’s wristwatch, its circular dial has a diameter of 48 mm and a thickness of 15 mm which will offer you a steady and reliable feeling when wearing it. The case is silver and the dial is blue with the Breitling logo obvious on it. Three subdials and dense scales completely show the complexity of the watch. The black genuine leather strap also reflects the value of this watch. With these characteristics, it gives people a sense of the combination of an ornament and a functional wristwatch.

When you see the complex dial of this wristwatch, you’ll know that the watch must have a lot of functionality, and it didn’t actually let you down. It not only has the basic time display function but also has the date, week, month display and chronograph feature. The hour scale is made up of batons and white squares, with the dagger-style hands, are luminous. So this watch gives you much convenience to see the time clearly even in the dark. This watch has both practical and decorative performance, it has to be said that the functions of this Breitling Chronograph replica watch are great and multiple.

The watch is an outstanding representative of the “aviation computer” of Breitling. Not only does it has a conspicuous appearance, it can also foil the wearer’s dignity. So it’s really worth owning.