In Rolex’s series of watches, there are always a few classic and enduring watches that always keep high sales. Expensive genuine Rolex watch is not something that everyone can consume. So take a look at Rolex’s imitation market in 2017, replica Rolex 16523 Daytona 1992 Winner watch is the most hot-selling. Two-tone steel watch body and yellow gold dial plus yellow gold bezel with outer-ring scales of speed meter are the distinctive features. And other relatively hot-selling wristwatches are Rolex Submariner watch 116613 and 40 mm Rolex Submariner stainless steel watch. The similarities between these two watches are the blue element dial and incremental rotary outer ring. The differences are the former uses Swiss 316L steel and yellow gold, while the latter only uses Swiss 316L steel. But none of these has affected the fans’ love of these two watches. And both Rolex Submariner watches are cheap.


The four watches that are to be analyzed are part of Yacht Master II series. Replica Rolex Yacht Master II 2015 Watch, Rolex 116688 Yacht Master II fake watch, replica Rolex Yacht Master II watch for Singapore Sailors and Rolex Yacht Master II 116681 copy watch. With possessing the same dial layout, blue bezel with readable scale and the internal mechanical memory function. However, the different details processing and material collocations make these watches have their unique features. And one thing to say is that this Yacht Master II series is designed for Singapore Sailors, which fully embodies the spirit of sailing.


More, another replica Rolex GMT 116718 Master II watch with green dial is not to be left behind. By virtue of its luxury yellow gold plated stainless steel watch body, refreshing green rotatable bezel and green dial with obvious layout, this watch is on the list of hot-selling watches. Built-in Asian mechanical movement. The price is also cheap enough. In comparison, it is an extremely cost-effective wristwatch.


Finally, these two watches are very special. Rolex 218206 Day-Date II fake watch has a baby blue dial with the concentric pattern. Against the dial, the blue Arabic numerals scale and blue pointers are quite visualized. And the watch body made of polished stainless steel has the smooth and mellow lustre. Equipped with Asian automatic movement. The price of the watch is also acceptable to most consumers. Then, look at another watch, Rolex Datejust copy watch, 26 mm size indicates that this is a women-only watch. Brilliant diamonds scale, 18k yellow gold fluted bezel, the original Cyclops eye date display window and two-tone jubilee bracelet. Its features are bright enough to attract female consumers. In general, these two watches have a decent and formal look. The first choice for formal occasions.

In summary, that’s the top 10 best-selling replica Rolex watch in 2017. They are also the big luxury watch that the general public can consume. Good quality, accurate time display and meet daily wear needs.