Breitling, one of the Swiss independent watch manufacturer, was founded in Switzerland in 1884. By virtue of its reliable precision instrument, it has witnessed countless glorious moments in the long journey of human conquest of the sky. And years of the experience in making watches for the aviation industry has given the striking feature to brand products. Therefore, Breitling always pays attention to the function orientation of the watch, so that its watches can constantly adapt to the characteristics of special industries, such as aviation, navigation and diving etc. The following content will briefly analyze the most popular replica Breitling watches. And Hope to help narrow down consumers’ choices by focusing on the features most important for their professional or amateur demands.


The Navitimer collection, beloved by pilots and aviation fans, was born in 1952. The famous American astronaut Scott Carpenter wore this series of watch on an early spaceflight in 1962. Since then, the Breitling Navitimer has been widely used in the professional field. Typical wristwatch, such as the Navitimer 01, is equipped with a gear-like rotating bezel that can quickly complete all calculations for flying, including the average flight speed, flyer miles, fuel consumption, climb or descent rates. As the officially specifies watch of AOPA, Navitimer 01 watch also lets star pilot John Travolta fall in love at first sight. So the highly imitated Navitimer watches, especially the fake Navitimer 01, are very popular.

B55 Connected

The Breitling B55-CONNECTED wristwatch launched in 2015 is the first intelligent interactive watch. It combines the traditional wristwatch with the smartphones to achieve the comprehensive improvement in functionality and use. And the wear can perform a series of adjustment operations on the wristwatch by phone, including time adjustment, time zone conversion, alarm clock setting and night mode etc. Breitling B55 is indeed a rare and cool smart wristwatch. Thus, this high-imitation watch is always in short supply on the market.


In the 1950s, Breitling completed a new challenge in the field of professional watchmaking — the depth of ocean conquest. In 1957, the famous Superocean series was launched. It equipped with super clear and readable dial, shockproof glass watch mirror and the watch case that can be waterproof up to 200 meters (660 feet). The watch was originally designed for professional and military divers, especially for special forces divers. However, with the popularity of diving, the Superocean series wristwatch soon became the new favorites of the masses. At the same time, it also drives the demands of high imitation Superocean wristwatch.


As the flagship series of Breitling, Chronomat collection wholly adopts Breitling’s homemade automatic winding timing movement. And with its powerful function, unique design and master level watchmaking process to show the unprecedented authority in the field of mechanical timing. Undoubtedly, the Chronomat series is the ultimate luxury wrist artwork. Therefore, the reason for the hot-selling replica Breitling Chronomat watch is self-evident.


With the rock-solid stainless steel case, extremely practical function, extraordinary performance and bold line design, Breitling Avenger series is highly durable. It condenses the masterwork of the watch master and full of strong sporty style. For example, the Avenger II Seawolf Blacksteel watch with yellow dial is water-resistant to 10,000 feet. A new edition of 1000 limited-edition items. And the Avenger watch with the constant and excellent performance is highly regarded among professionals and watch lovers, so do the copy Avenger watches.


The Galactic series is a model of fashion and elegance in Breitling wristwatches. Each watch is well designed and beautifully carved. In addition to providing waterproofing and other functional features, the colorful combinations and material selection give the Galactic series of watches a kaleidoscope of charm to meet the needs of all occasions. And the omnipresent elegance and luxury are adored by women. Thus, the diverse and all-match style of Galactic collection is also the reason why this watch is so popular.

Montbrillant 01

For the first time, Breitling built its own self-developed high-performance Caliber 01 movement in this classic Montbrillant wristwatch. Both classical Breitling annular flight slide rule and a separate large writing mother B logo, each detail of watch exudes the classic breath of the 1940s and 1950s, which also symbolizes the legend of the Breitling watch in aviation industry and watchmaking field. So, the Montbrillant 01 watch is a classic model.


In order to commemorate the new prosperity of civil aviation entering the transoceanic flight, Breitling launched the Transocean series wristwatch in 1958. The high performance wristwatch is not only anti-magnetic and earthquake-resistant, but also has the super strong waterproofing performance. Meanwhile, it also adopts high performance automatic winding movement. With accurate and reliable characteristic to highlight its peculiarity. Moreover the fashion lines design, delicate details and splendid style make it well received.


Breitling Chronoliner watch designed for pilots is also appreciated those fashionable men who typically keep both feet on the ground. The features, including a ceramic bezel that has 24-hour time display function of second time zone and precise steel case, unleash the new charm of it.


Breitling Colt series of watch was born in the 1980s. Originally designed for military. Then, because of its strong, durable, powerful and legible features, it became the most common and approachable entry level wristwatch while possessing the excellent performance and outstanding design. Four distinctive and unique Colt watches, including a quartz watch and a ladies’ Colt wristwatch.

In summary, the above content succinctly introduces the most popular several series of Breitling wristwatches. And hopefully it will provide you a good purchase orientation.